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Home Edition and Small Business Editions

InformationSAFE Personal and Small Business Editions each contain more than 250 pre-designed templates to digitally capture critical life or business information. Pre-designed templates are organized into seven intuitive categories - Personal, Financial, Insurance, Legal, Health, Property and Key Contacts for the Home Edition and Business Info, Financial, Insurance, Legal, HR, Property and Key Contacts for the Small Business Edition. Both products come in either Desktop or Web Versions:

Desktop Versions

The InformationSAFE Personal and Small Business Desktop Editions provide superior organization, protection, and information management with the ability to save critical data on any Windows or Macintosh desktop PC. Data can also be archived to hard drives, external devices, such as memory sticks, with an option to also perform secure backups online through an InformationSAFE web service hosted out of the company's data center.

Web Versions

The InformationSAFE Personal and Small Business Online edition, the only one-of-its-kind on the market, grants users the flexibility and convenience of accessing their personal information from any internet connected computer, anywhere in the world. Offering the same superior organization, protection and information management benefits as the desktop edition, InformationSAFE Online protects user data from hard drive crashes, computer theft, or other unforeseen computer problems stemming from fire, flood, earthquake or other natural disaster. InformationSAFE Online also allows users to send password protected secure email links directly from the program to authorized individuals, such as family members, accountants, or lawyers, to securely access information in the event of an emergency.

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