About InformationSAFE

InformationSAFE is a both a software and web consumer product used by individuals to help them organize, protect and manage the vast array of information that is critical to functioning in modern life.

Billions of dollars and an untold amount of time is lost annually due to natural disasters, poor organization, poor communication and the pressing need for individuals to capture all of their information in one accessible place.

Launched after over two years of research and development, the InformationSAFE team is committed to providing you with products to help you securely manage the information in your life. As such, we are continually researching and integrating cutting-edge tools and technology to pioneer the next generation of software and Web-based information protection products and features. Stay tuned for new InformationSAFE products and services that will help you more effectively and securely manage the critical information in your life.

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