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InformationSAFE is Secure
InformationSAFE is Secure


InformationSAFE encrypts your files to the location you choose utilizing AES encryption, the same encryption technology approved by the National Security Agency for top secret documents. This encryption is employed whether you are storing your information locally on a hard drive through the Desktop Version or in a server in our secure data center through the Web Version. Any encrypted data transmitted through the internet is sent via a secure SSL connection, the "gold standard" encryption used by merchants, banks and other financial institutions worldwide.

Only encrypted data is ever sent over the internet, and it is always sent over an SSL Secure Connection. That makes the data doubly encrypted, and thwarts Man-in-the-Middle attacks. InformationSAFE uses an Extended Validation Certificate (EV SSL) which identifies the company's identity and physical address before being issued.


You can opt to protect your logon to the software through the use of one or two password protocols.

The first mandatory protocol employs a username and password. Passwords must be sufficiently long and contain a mix of letters and numbers to make them more difficult for would-be hackers to "guess."

The second optional protocol employs our proprietary Visual Verification System through which you use a mouse to select a previously defined calendar date from a list of other random dates. This innovative and proprietary technology protects you from malicious software infections ("malware") which seek to provide a hacker with access to your personal accounts by capturing the keystrokes you enter on your computer.

Data Access

Employees of InformationSAFE, nor anyone else, can never access the information you track within InformationSAFE. This is true whether you are using the Desktop Version, the Web Version or Desktop Version's convenient web backup feature. All information stored on your computer or on a server at the InformationSAFE data center is at all times encrypted to the AES standard and can only be decrypted by the password you set and manage. If your password is lost, it cannot be retrieved by anyone. Instead it must be reset though a process which requires you to answer a series of security questions you designated at registration.

Secure Data Center

The servers operating InformationSAFE's Web Version software, as well as, online backup services for the Desktop Version reside in a state-of-the-art data center with maximal provisions for protection against natural disasters, power outages, hardware failures, and connectivity disruptions. These provisions include:

  • Redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to protect against intermittent power outages.
  • A back-up generator to protect against prolonged power outages.
  • Fully redundant routing and switching executed with Cisco routers and Juniper firewall hardware.
  • Gigabit Ethernet Internet connectivity from 5 diverse carriers (multi-homed, diverse fiber connections).
  • Total Internet transit capacity of 5 Gb/s more than double total throughput at peak times.
  • Internet connectivity delivered over diverse facilities to eliminate any customer impact in the event of a fiber disruption.

InformationSAFE's servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a highly skilled and specialized professional Network Engineering Staff. Additional automated support systems monitor the servers electronically around the clock.

Access to the data center housing InformationSAFE's servers is highly restricted. The facility's entrance is guarded by manned security around the clock. Authorized personnel must pass biometric checks before being allowed entry. Video surveillance is conducted throughout the facility.