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InformationSAFE is Easy to Use
InformationSAFE is Easy to Use

InformationSAFE Home or Small Business can help you, your family or business easily locate, manage or recover information through a variety of helpful, intuitive features. With InformationSAFE you can spend more time enjoying your life instead of looking for it.


Both the Home and Small Business Edition of InformationSAFE feature user friendly navigation, organization, and intuitive menus to make it easy to find your choice of over 250 prepared Record Templates. Record Templates are conveniently organized into seven categories: In the Home Edition, the categories are Personal Info, Financial, Insurance, Legal, Health, Property and Key Contacts; in the Business Edition, the categories are Business Info, Financial, Insurance, Legal, HR, Property and Key Contacts.See what we mean.

Entering Information

Entering information is fast and easy with InformationSAFE. Set up a Contact or Location once and then use convenient drop down menus to quickly fill out forms. By working with some of the top Lawyers, Financial Planners, Insurance Professionals and Doctors in the world, InformationSAFE has created over 250 Record Templates to capture just the right information to allow you and/or your loved ones to effectively manage your affairs. See what we mean.

Attaching Files

Each Record Template helps you remember every necessary detail by allowing you to add your own messages to the Notes field. See what we mean.

In addition, every Record Template lets you easily add a file from your chosen data source, for example your hard drive or removable device, to a record by simply clicking on the Add button in the file section of the template. You can choose any file type to attach.

Printing and Emailing

Opt to share some or all information with trusted colleagues, family members or business associates. You can share information by creating printed physical documents or by sending secure email links through which recipients can access information only after answering a series of security questions.


When you're ready, you can choose to print an individual file, an entire category of saved records or every saved file in InformationSAFE with just a few clicks of your mouse. See what we mean.


Emailing is just as easy as printing. You can choose to email an individual file, an entire category of saved records or every saved file in InformationSAFE. Emails are sent as secure links that expire after 30 days. You can also track emailed documents to see who has accessed them and when. See what we mean.